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Peace be with you, 2023  by Hannah Imhoff

video: Monika Drabot

images: abellio's CCTV 

In "Peace be with you, 2023" , I reflected on our behaviour as passengers on London buses. Noticing that we constantly ignore each other on buses, I invited the passengers during a performance to acknowledge each other's presence, shake each other's hands, and wish each other "peace be with you". This artwork disrupts our social reality and our social conventions of public behaviour in a small way, offering an outlook on how it could be different. However, this illusion of personal contact in a bustling city like London is broken again, by also showing the CCTV camera footage of the performance. While I tried to make the passengers perceive each other as individuals, at the end the CCTV camera anonymised again, and everyone, except me became just a number, a white circle.

As my work circles around social reality, it was important for me to incorporate real bus materials in my installations, ready-made seats that people had actually traveled on for years. So I collected old bus materials from a bus depot and adapted them so, that they serve as a viewing station in a white cube.

Installation in a white cube, in the Triangle Space, a big shared space right at the beginning of the MA Show 2023.

Peace be with you, 2023 was originally an open call submission, displayed in the St. Saviours Church, London 


Rest Here, 2023 by Hannah Imhoff
pallets, wheels, mattress, bedding, string, print on canavas
Images: Miya Kosowick Mawatari

My aim was to create a desirable object, with which people would like to interact, so that it brings strangers together and creates a shared intimate moment that changes our perspectives. For this I was inspired by Adam Chodzko‘s work „Ghost“, a canoe in which people could lie down and see the sky. I thought that a bed with wheels, where you can lie down and you will be carried through Palma could be similarly interesting. From the bed position you perceive your whole surrounding differently, but you are also perceived differently by people passing by. So the performance is on the one side a kind gesture that invites people to interact and take a rest in the achievement-oriented society. On the other hand, the performance has also something uncomfortable in that it exposes you to foreign looks, and you are made vulnerable by lying down in a bed, a symbol of intimacy in the middle of public space.
Furthermore, the square shape and size of a bed is quite similar to the one of a car and at the same time it could not be more different to a car by missing the protective shells and clearly not belonging on the street.

Rest Here, 2023 was a performance in the city center of Palma, Mallorca that offers people a rest from society during ADEMA II PERFROMANCE WEEK

Video: Yuying Huang


The Walking Line, 2022 by Hannah Imhoff
suitcase, sugar, salt

video: Monika Drabot

Documentation of a performance taking place between my uni, the Chelsea College and the EU, the Lithuania (European) Embassy in the frame of our first Master Show called “Departure Lounge”.

Feeling this work incorporates a lot of my current practise:

It is simple.
It is analog.
It is political.
It is personal.
It is temporally.
It is site specific.
It is minimalistic.
It is participatory.
It is in the public space.
It is inspired by other aritist's: Paul Klee and Francis Alÿs.

Installation shoots of The Walking Line, 2022 in 6th Senses curated by Cecil Quinn & Francesca Christodoulou & Inbetween, 2023 curated by Alex Bal, Haoyue Chen, Kaixin Huang, Aishwarya Korwar, Qingrui Lin & Eva Rondo

images: Richard Cook, Monika Drabot & Haoyue Chen 

Successful Artists

A collective of the London-based artists (Monika Drabot, Richard Cook, Yuying Huang, Hannah Imhoff & Nina Oltarzewska), that develops collaboratively mostly performative & participative work together 

Are you one of these people?, 2023

Are you one of these people?, 2023

During the MA Show 2023 of the Chelsea College (UAL), the collective Successful Artists has set out to ask the public if they self-defined as either of the following: successful artist (yellow), curator (blue), collector (red), gallerist (pink) and critic (green). Each person identifying as none of the above are assigned a grey sticker. 
The performance serves as a tool used to highlight the power structures inherent to the art world, and the reliance on the fragile, ruthless ecosystem that upholds them.

Monthly, 2023

Monthly, 2023 by Successful Artists 
performative intervention

In "Monthly' the female members of Successful Artists turned up to the opening with period symptoms and didn't care to cover them from the public, much to the displeasure of the man. 

Gumtliksgrumslik, 2023