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daily schedule, 2020-21 / 23

daily schedule, 2020-21, 23 by Hannah Imhoff
fridge, b/w photo print on magnets

Timetables, to do lists, postcards and memory pictures are not seldom found on fridges. But these magnets are different: they show the daily schedule of four fathers with their child. Lined up one below the other, you can see what each of these four caring dads do every quarter of an hour… Inspired by Friedl Kubleka's "One Day Portraits", I photographed normal dads taking parental leave every 15 minutes for one day and inspired by "Dad Magnets" I decided to depict them in magnets on the fridge.

Installation shoots during the exhibition ACHTUNG, FERTIG, LOS by the feminist network EXTRA stark in the Stadtgalerie Zwergelgartenpavillon, 

installation shoots photographed by Christian Ecker

earlier version of 'daily schedule, 20-21' shown in the exhibition 'Visibility' at Gallery KunstWerk Salzburg, AUT & in the exhibition 'Behind that door' at Galerie DAS ZIMMER, Salzburg AUT

photographed by Christian Schneider

Utopia, 2023

Utopia, 2023 by Hannah Imhoff

documentary photography of a community event


The Magic Flute Playground is conceived as an extension of the exhibition space. Thursday afternoons are declared to be a dads' meeting, where fathers can get to know each other, exchange ideas, support each other - simply form their community. The exhibition only serves as an occasion and a starting point for a dad-community event which, in the best case, will become a self-perpetuating event and live on far beyond the exhibition.

clean up!, 2023