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The exhibition 'Crossing Borders' presents a site-embedded political space that formulate a critique of institutional power structures without forgetting the human beings that are interwoven within it. The exhibition site, was the Millbank Tower, a Grade II listed building designed by Ronald Ward, that is located beside the River Thames, opposite MI6, with Tate Britain to the east and Westminster within walking distance to the west. The building, which over the years has housed the offices of the United Nations and both the Labour and Conservative party, still appears as a gatekeeper and mystery space where secret governmental decisions were made. From 1 till 5 November 2023 the second floor will be infiltrated with conceptual art.



'Bodies of Water: Vienna meets London', was an interdisciplinary show that unites UK- and Austria-based artist. As part of Canal Dreams the show reflects from a feminist perspective on the role of women*- and water bodies in society during the London Design Festival 2023.

Occupying both a public and domestic space, the show took place on the SLASH ARTS houseboat Gallery, a domestic sphere afloat on the Regent’s Canal — a man-made public water body. This unique setting provided a canvas for an artistic intervention, featuring dance, performance, music, and participatory workshops. It serves both as a safer space and a meeting point for environmental artists and the public. One important aspect of ‘Bodies of Water’ was to bring UK- and Austria-based artists together, wherefore we forged sustainable international collaborations with London's local art scene, including artists from the University of the Arts London, the Royal College of Art and The Place, London's Contemporary Dance School. 

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